Technology Training

Hands on technology training in the latest  software, programs and platforms.


AusomeTech students will partner with Computer Science students from local colleges for integrated learning and socialization experiences.

Supportive Internship Opportunities

This separates AusomeTech from other organizations that provide tech programs for people with Autism.

AusomeTech Mission

Our mission is two-fold.  One is to provide high quality technology training to young adults with autism.  The second is to provide paid internship opportunities at top tech firms to students through AusomeTech after high school graduation at the age of 21.

AusomeTech encourages people in all industries to open their doors to young adults with Autism.

Check out this documentary to hear of the many vocational goals of students with Autism.

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Next Steps...

If your company is interested in learning more about offering training and/or internship opportunities to young adults with Autism, we would love to hear from you.